Nonprofit Jobs in Africa

If you are looking to make a charity donation, to join a voluntary initiative, or if you simply want to gather information for an investigation work, it is useful to know what type of nonprofit international organizations there are out there. Each non-lucrative organization has a particular specialty, such as health, or animal protection. Here below we have prepared for you an interesting list of all the different types of such organizations that you will be able to find in Africa. Thank you for your solidary interest!

Organizations focusing on healthcare

Health and International Development (abbreviated as HID) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ameliorate health conditions in poor or underdeveloped areas all around the world. Such efforts are effectuated primarily through education and tutoring. HID has programs in Africa, but also in places like Brazil, Rumania, India and China.

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) is another of these health-interested organizations that do not look for profits and that is present in several places across the globe. Beyond Africa, it also operates in Europe, Asia and South America. IHF works in many communities can establish the teams that will help these communities develop and to build hospitals.

Organizations for Animal help

The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) is an organizations that puts all of its efforts on the protection of animals and species in danger all around the world. It operates in 100 different countries and has millions of followers. Its objective is to furnish up nature and the conservation of the species of animals and plants in their natural habitat.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare, or IFAW, rescues animals in crisis all around the world too. The members of its organization answer to the urgent necessities of animals to be able to save their lives.  One of the largest corporate supporters of IFAW is Subway, which has created a Subway online application form for donations. The organization takes care of abandonment cases, abuse and other emergency situations. IFAW has offices in North America, Europe and Africa.

Organizations for Adoption

International nonprofit organizations for adoption try to find homes for orphan children all across the world. Organizations such as International Life or Christian World Adoptions are some of the most renowned organizations of this kind, and they offer help programs in many different countries. The CWA personnel works with families to help them prepare for adoption, including help with paperwork and services of translation of documents.

Organizations Against Poverty and Hunger

Many nonprofit organizations try to eradicate poverty and hunger all across the world in a variety of different ways and through different initiatives. Most of these are called “call to action” works. One of these organizations is Project Hunger, which is a global agency that is not interested in profits and has the self-imposed mission of teaching people how to become self-sufficient so they can learn how to satisfy their own basic necessities. It operates under the important and famous principle “don’t give them fish, teach them how to fish”.

CARE is another nonprofit organization whose mission is to combat poverty and hunger. It attempts to help countries affected by poverty through community education programs, the increase of economic opportunities and the alleviation of communities under crisis.

Jobs in Grant Writing

Grant writing is the name we give to financial funding provided by certain institutions, generally either the government or a type of foundation, to certain people that meet a set of criteria. An application process is carried out and there are many applicants interested, which reduces considerably the chances of you being elected. These are referred to as “grant submissions”. Writers that are elected in this process can create budgets and evaluate design projects as part of the process of the redaction of proposals.

Writer Subvention

Some employers require applicants to have a license or a certain degree in order for you to be eligible for a grant, although this is not always the case. Some others require references or contracts to be handed in in the selection process.

Employees generally seek for an optimal combination of capability, education and experience in applicants. Grant writers develop a body of knowledge that includes contacts, writings, nonprofit accountings, and the development of a program, amongst others.

Charity Organizations

As a Grant writer, working for nonprofit organizations is one of the main options that may be given to you, if ever you succeed to get the grant. These charities apply to the foundations, corporations and governmental agencies for the subvention funds. Among these charities where grant writers are currently needed is at Red Lobster. You can apply online here.

Grant finances backup programs, special projects, operations and essential necessities such as certain buying of equipment, etc.  Grant writers working in this area generally work in the development departments or area, where marketing, public relations and financial collection of funds are fundamental. Some of these writers often end up high in the ranks of such corporations.

Colleges and Universities

Grant writers in colleges and universities often work at offices that take care of the advance of institutional development. This includes collecting funds, public relations, marketing and ex-pupil services. Colleges and universities often hire Grant writers to work in specific academic areas where they can collect funds for the investigation and the expansion of key academic programs. Sometimes they are also involved in campus infrastructure programs, scholarships or other kinds of special initiatives, such contract management or making sure the institution keeps meeting the requisites needed to continue receiving government subventions for the continuity of such projects.

Government Agencies

Local and state governments apply for federal subventions and also corporate funding. A grant writer could ask for funds to develop low-income houses or neighborhood development plans, or to ameliorate juvenile justice programs. A grant writer working for a county could write funding proposals for certain companies for the purchasing of adequate technologies or the renovations of certain public building facilities, in either public libraries or schools.

Independent Employers and Other Positions

Grant writers can also work as independent employers. As professionals in autonomous works, grant writers work as consulters with a high level of autonomy. They can either revise job proposals from various types of employers, including private funding ones, or get involved with scientific associations and governmental organisms so they can program subvention solicitudes or to evaluate the caliber of academic representation.

Grant writers function as trainers and educators in schools, nonprofit commercial organizations and also at governmental agencies and self-help centers. Certain grant writers use their special knowledge as officials at funding programs and other entities that manage subvention decisions.

Jobs in HIV/Aids Research

Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV) or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is the name given to a series of conditions caused by the HIV/AIDS virus.

The virus is commonly known for its strange negative effects on its hosts, as it does not kill or harm them directly, but instead weakens their immune systems to the point where patients get killed by other infections that are not usually fatal. These fatal infections can even be the common flu, or colds, but it is also common to find tumors in such patients that rarely take place in people that have not been contaminated by the HIV virus.

Despite us knowing all this, and knowing it is primarily transmitted via unprotected sexual intercourse, we still do not know how the virus originated, and we do not know how to cure a patient from it either, even if we know how to counter arrest its effects to a certain extent, palliating and alleviating them rather than eradicating the virus.

Because of this, there are still in actual times a large number of people dedicated to the active research and scientific study of the cause or origins of the virus, its action mechanism and also a possible cure or more effective methods of slowing down the degenerative process experienced by infected patients.

It is important to know that the laboratory/scientist that discovers an effective cure will immediately become world-famous and will not only be a Nobel Prize winner, but will also hold a patent worth millions of dollars.

Working as a scientist for the military

The US army often sends out a number of vacancies linked with HIV research for people to fill in and join. These research jobs are generally more centered around the development of effective vaccines or remedies that will alleviate its symptoms or slow down the debilitation of the immune system experienced by infected patients.

The US military is currently seeking to cover the following vacancies (as stated in their official webpage):

Research Assistant 1

Postdoctoral Fellow    WRAIR

Advisor for Clinical Services  Mbeya, Tanzania

Flow Cytometry Computational Analyst

Research Assistant I

Postdoctoral Fellow


Lead Researcher – Vaccine Development

Research Associate II

Postdoctoral Fellow

Medical Technologist (Serology)

Postdoctoral Fellow

Senior Technical Advisor, Monitoring & Evaluation

Director of Strategic Information and Reporting

Research Assistant II

WHO and other Organizations or NGOs

Most medical NGOs and other organizations of such kind, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) are constantly looking for new scientists and researchers that will work to fight HIV. The WHO, for instance, recruits staff on fixed-term or temporary contracts. Staff are grouped in two broad streams: Professional (P) or General Service staff (G) and Directors (D), as part of the professional category.

Such organizations offer applicants a dynamic and international work environment with a multi-cultural workforce, personal growth and professional development opportunities and a competitive remuneration and social security package in line with UN salaries and benefits.

Fighting HIV at laboratories and Universities

Scientific laboratory medics and medical technologues are often called “medicine technicians”. Universities, Hospitals and certain laboratories can be a good option for scientists that are interested in working to fight HIV. Many corporation are helping fight the spread of HIV including McDonald’s. You can donate to the cause by visiting the online McDonald’s application.

These medics carry out a wide arrange of laboratory tests, from blood analysis to very complex processes to find all the intricate mysteries of viruses and bacteria we do not know much about, such as the AIDS virus. These medics are also responsible of confirming the exactitude of all lab results and to present their results to other doctors and medics that will build their work on these results. It’s a job that involves a great responsibility.